I’m ever grateful to be advised by Shiri Azenkot at the Enhancing Ability Lab, where I explore the following questions:

I wish to study the nuanced relationship between people with disabilities and technology, a relationship that grows in significance with emerging AI-backed systems.  

News Highlights

Oct 2022:  Presented Tactile Materials Paper at ASSETS ‘22 in Athens, Greece!

April 2022:  Microaggressions Paper accepted to ASSETS ‘22!

March 2022:  Tactile Materials Paper accepted to TACCESS!

May 2021:  Paper accepted at CHI Interactivity!

Jan 2021:  Presented Maestro, an AI Vocal Coach, at Google Magenta

May 2020:  Graduated from UToronto with a B.Sc in Computer Science and CCIT! 🎓

Feb 2020:  Appeared in the Wall Street Journal for winning Dennis Washington Fellowship!